Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Practical Luxury: The Gentleman's Knife

In the antiques biz the need for a knife is constant (cutting open boxes, opening envelopes, cutting string, peeling veneers...quite endless)- so I clearly carry one.

You, reader- what do you carry?  Probably nothing, right...?  Time to reconsider.  Knives are not simply objects for the kitchen, or for Rambo- they can be works of art, but with great function.

Over 10 years ago I bought my first Chris Reeve Sebenza-and I am now a devoted follower of Mr. Reeve's titanium folding knives.

In the 'Gentleman's Knife' category I would choose these two- one for evening, one for day.

The Mnandi ($350-$650) - not quite 6 1/2" total length- of titanium and choices of veneer- this is my top choice for carrying while suited up.  While I prefer simple veneers like blackwood or rosewood- the Mammoth Ivory Bark version is stunning (IF you can find one...or wait a year if ordered custom).

The Small Sebenza ($330-850)- not quite 7" total length, also of titanium.  This one is a bit larger overall than the Mnandi, and is my daytime knife...very utilitarian!

Most owners of Chris Reeve knives collect them...and the more unusual and rarer model will set you back- but some are beauties, like these.

You can get as fancy as you want- but there is a restrained simplicity even in the elaborate models of Sebenzas & Mnandis, which is why I prefer them.

Like any luxury item- find the right thing for your lifestyle, research it, and BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD- and you'll never be disappointed,  promise.

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  1. I would love yo buy that set from you. If interested please contact me at rsmoliak@uccs.edu Thank you for your time and take care. Ryan